Singer & Composer


Alea Carolin

My name is Alea Carolin and I am currently living in Eastern Germany. Since my childhood, I have enjoyed many years of classical music education. As a studied biologist, most of my inspiration is gifted to me by nature.

Discovering the female element in myself and my voice, my vision is the harmonious union, the true marriage of the male and female principle in western music. My main concern is

  • listening and feeling
  • a genuine and spontaneous self-expression
  • simplicity, clarity and naturalness
  • the courage to be playful like a child, passionately devoted and full of ecstatic joy
  • the willingness to hold the space for not-knowing, to trust an inner wisdom and to be open for what is beyond the tones
  • and giving all of the above a form and structure, a frame and direction.

It is a journey within and without at the same time – and I invite everyone to accompany me.